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Wednesday January 27th Releases

Boom Studios

Donald Duck and Friends #350

Not gonna lie, I’ve totally not been reading this one regularly. I’m sure it’s good as all the other Boom/Disney books are great.

Wall-E # 2

Can’t wait to find out what awesome trash Wall-E finds next. This story is set before the movie where Wall-E just chills picking up trash.

DC Comics

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #12

The last couple of issues have been getting better. Byron Vaughns’ art is starting to fit the title more and more.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man # 59

This is coming down the home stretch for the title’s current implementation and Paul Tobin is wrapping up everything in a nice package. Now comes with X-men.

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January 20th Releases

Here’s just a rude list of the books coming out this week.

Book Kids!


Muppet Peter Pan #4

Uncle Scrooge #387

Johnny DC


Batman Brave and the Bold #13

Tiny Titans #24

Marvel doesn’t have anything shipping this week as far as I can tell.

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A Tiny Milestone

Doing something for twenty five months straight is admirable. Beyond admirable. That’s over two years of meeting a goal, and that’s exactly what Art Baltazar and Franco have done with Tiny Titans.

For a time there seemed to be a sentiment around comics that no one wanted books aimed directly at kids. All Ages really meant teenagers. Anything else meant the market was too narrow. Then DC decided to go ahead with their revamp of the super hero titles under the “Johnny DC” Imprint. Gone were older teen focused titles of “Teen Titans Go!”, “The Batman Strikes,” and Justice League “unlimited.” In were such titles as “DC Super Friends,” “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam,” and “Tiny Titans.

I’m having a hard time remembering the exact history, but I believe Tiny Titans was the first book out of the gate. In my eyes the book was a roaring success from the very beginning. It is a shining example of how narrowing your focus can work. This is not to say that broader focused titles are not bad, just to say that a narrow focus can work to your advantage. Tiny Titans, as a book, is not at all ashamed of what it is. What it is, is the best comic book for young children on the Market. Yes, it includes jokes that only us older readers can understand. There are references to characters that the people who write the DC Encyclopedia books can’t remember, but its never distracting. It makes the hardest ideas of the DC universe palatable. The book has explored time travel, continuity, and the idea of parallel universes as well as anything else DC has trotted out. It’s also tackled teamwork, friendship, chores, and cliques better than some children’s books aimed squarely at those topics.

My absolute favorite thing about the series so far has been the humor. It’s a funny funny book. All credit goes to Art and Franco for making me smile on every page. It’s close to a work of magic, what they do. It’s hard to get over how not dumbed down the series is. I’m repeating myself here, but it’s the thing to say. When you have fervent focus on a goal you can succeed beyond it. I don’t feel as if I’m reading a book that’s meant for parents to think it’s aimed at small children. I feel like I am reading a book genuinely designed to make kids laugh. Just so happens that I laugh right along with it.

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A Time For a Fresh Start

Marvel’s All Ages line has been moving along steadily for years now. The “Marvel Adventures” series of books have endured far longer than I ever anticipated. Though never having the sales success one would hope for, they’ve been solid books that capture the spirit of being for all ages. The brand has been shuffled around a few times. Books have added and taken away. Titles have been renamed, and now Marvel is giving the entire endeavor an official reboot.


In the press release you can read in the link Marvel talks about how awesome the line has been in the past, even when it was called Marvel Age. I am inclined to agree. So, what brought on the new change?

Obviously  new number one issues sell much better than issue sixty-fours do. I wonder what this change actually means. They’re keeping the same writer, it appears they’re just going to run similar stories as before with new numbering. The super heroes book is intriguing in that it might highlight different avengers each month, but that seems to be the difference.

Well, that and the price. I understand they’re putting in more pages, but how does Marvel really expect to build a fanbase when issue #1 is $3.99? These all-ages books already don’t sell high to begin with, adding cost doesn’t seem to be the most helpful thing for the success of those titles.

All that said, I hope these new books are great and can introduce some new fans to Marvel monthly books.

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