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Saturday May 1st is Free Comic Book Day. Wow did that sneak up on me.

So for those of you that don’t know what’s up Free Comic Book Day is the day where the retailers, out of the kindness of their hearts (wrong), decide to give out a free selection of books. Do not be misled, not all comics are free. You can’t just run up in a store and jack their stuff. What you can do is take from the books that have been provided from select comic book publishers. There is normally a large variety to choose from, and this is the one week of the year all-ages books should be super easy to find.

The big downside is the only way to get these books is to find a local comic shop. The FCBD website I linked to earlier should have a locator. Now, there is not telling what books you will find when you go. Some stores actually don’t let you get free stuff unless you purchase something as well (thus eliminating the free part).  Some stores have been known to only allow you to get a small number of books (one to five, allowing more with larger purchases), and often times you can only get one copy of each. Some stores (Here’s looking at you people at a certain really big comic book store in my city. jerks) will only allow you one copy of each book. Even if you have more than one kid with you. So look out for bad retailers.

Clone Trooper at FCBD 2009

Now that I’ve put you off the entire idea let me reiterate that the majority of places you can go are awesome. This is the one day of the year it isn’t impossible to get outsiders to go to the comic shop so the retailers should be on their best behavior. This may be the only chance they have at getting your business.

If you live in Charlotte, NC come holla at me. There’s a strong chance that I’ll be hanging out at Rebel Base Comics and Toys. I’ll be the one sitting in the way of everything just blocking your path and being a general bother to both staff and customers. This isn’t a commercial for the store, it’s just where I’ll likely be at a good portion of the day.

Also feel free to check out the few other shops in the city where I will most likely be poking my head into.

A.Pennyworth’s Comics and News is great and usually empty so it’s your best option if you don’t want to get smothered.

Rebel Base is a small shop.

Heroes is the biggest store in Charlotte (And I think the entire South East United States) and is swamped like a moderately attractive female at a pen and paper rpg convention. (really, it’s super packed.)


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