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Saturday May 1st is Free Comic Book Day. Wow did that sneak up on me.

So for those of you that don’t know what’s up Free Comic Book Day is the day where the retailers, out of the kindness of their hearts (wrong), decide to give out a free selection of books. Do not be misled, not all comics are free. You can’t just run up in a store and jack their stuff. What you can do is take from the books that have been provided from select comic book publishers. There is normally a large variety to choose from, and this is the one week of the year all-ages books should be super easy to find.

The big downside is the only way to get these books is to find a local comic shop. The FCBD website I linked to earlier should have a locator. Now, there is not telling what books you will find when you go. Some stores actually don’t let you get free stuff unless you purchase something as well (thus eliminating the free part).  Some stores have been known to only allow you to get a small number of books (one to five, allowing more with larger purchases), and often times you can only get one copy of each. Some stores (Here’s looking at you people at a certain really big comic book store in my city. jerks) will only allow you one copy of each book. Even if you have more than one kid with you. So look out for bad retailers.

Clone Trooper at FCBD 2009

Now that I’ve put you off the entire idea let me reiterate that the majority of places you can go are awesome. This is the one day of the year it isn’t impossible to get outsiders to go to the comic shop so the retailers should be on their best behavior. This may be the only chance they have at getting your business.

If you live in Charlotte, NC come holla at me. There’s a strong chance that I’ll be hanging out at Rebel Base Comics and Toys. I’ll be the one sitting in the way of everything just blocking your path and being a general bother to both staff and customers. This isn’t a commercial for the store, it’s just where I’ll likely be at a good portion of the day.

Also feel free to check out the few other shops in the city where I will most likely be poking my head into.

A.Pennyworth’s Comics and News is great and usually empty so it’s your best option if you don’t want to get smothered.

Rebel Base is a small shop.

Heroes is the biggest store in Charlotte (And I think the entire South East United States) and is swamped like a moderately attractive female at a pen and paper rpg convention. (really, it’s super packed.)


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DC Kids has a new Website

DC has finally done away with the most ridiculous of the big all-ages comics websites. I don’t have any screen shots of the old site (really, who wants ’em?) but this new site is significantly improved. It is a bit much on the flash, but it is used well.

The most important thing I’ve seen is that the #1 issues for just about all of their titles are available to read. The one downside is that they load up in .pdf files online. PDFs on the internet just flat out suck. They are way slow, but it is much much better than nothing so mad props to DC! You can choose to upload them in low or hi resolution, so if you have a slower internet connection you can still try and view them.

The titles available are: Batman: Brave and the Bold, Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures In the 8th Grade, Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam!, Super Friends, Tiny Titans, Justice League Unlimited, Looney Tunes #100, Scooby-Doo, Cartoon Network Action Pack

It also appears that DC comics is putting up some of the older titles for sale. So if you missed out on titles like Batman Beyond or Justice League Unlimited you can snatch them up for just around $10 again. I strongly recommend any of the “Jam Packed Action” books, be they Justice League, Cartoon Network, or The batman. I also suggest Powerpuff Girls Vol. 1. That books is Awesome.

Just give the new web site a look, you might find something you like there.

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A New Direction

I have been super slack lately with the updates, but that’s been for good reasons. I’ve been throwing some ideas around  on how to make this thing better. The biggest thing is I’m going to just, for the most part, ignore single issues.  Following the direct market is really some sort of lost cause. Instead I’ll just be talking about the collections that are out or are coming out. I’ll talk about some of the bigger news that happens, and I’ll talk about digital stuff. My new goal is just to provide as much information on the things that might spark an interest in people (especially juveniles) reading comics.

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Boom Announces Darkwing Duck

One day I’ll get with the pun filled headlines.  I really don’t feel it was necessary for this though. This is just good news to be celebrated. Now I’ll link you to comic book resources where someone that gets paid to write wrote a bunch of words about it. The most exciting news for me is that it’s being written by an ex journalist. I knew the name sounded familiar and I checked and Ian Brill (the writer) worked for publisher’s weekly about three or four years ago.

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Sorry about last week. I overextended myself a bit, but we’re back on track.

Before we get to the current books I’ll proudly say I’ve read “The Life and Times of  Scrooge McDuck” and it’s AWESOME. Really. I’ll write a review for it by July. That’s a promise. Unless I die. Then that won’t happen.

Boom Kids!

Donald Duck and Friends #351

I’m pretty sure most kids today have no idea that Donald is actually a world renown super spy. So known in fact that I’m not sure, even he, at times remembers.

Muppet King Arthur #2

You really can’t give me enough Arthurian stories. I’ll take about any retelling that I can get. (Well, not Martin Lawrence’ “Black Knight” or Camelot 3000, but just about anything else). This Muppet retelling is actually good. I recommend picking it up.

Wall-E #3

Enter the cockroach.

Johnny DC


Billy Batson and the Magic Of Shazam! #13

Light week on the wallet for Johnny DC Fanboys. Just one title, at least it’s a great one. This is the current artist’s last issue on the book, and he’s using it to bring back Black Adam. I am thoroughly excited for this.

Marvel Kids

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #60

This book is winding down before it’s relaunch later this year and it’s doing so very well. This week’s story is Spidey and the NYPD trying to find Emma Frost. Should be nothing but fun. That’s not sarcasm.

The Marvelous Land of Oz #4

This is one of the best books you can be reading right now, All-Ages or no. It’s super good. This is my favorite of the sixteen thousand Wizard of Oz books. I love seeing what Skottie Young is doing on every page.


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Wednesday February 10th releases

I failed in my duty to you guys last week. I apologize. I thought I would have more free time than it turned out I did. No big. I actually did do half of what I said I would and read some books. I’m getting closer and closer to doing what I have to to make this blog even remotely useful.

Here’s the weeks books!

Boom Kids!

Muppet King Arthur!

Boom is permitted to keep churning these out as long as they’re good. Peter Pan was an improvement over . . .what was the first one? That’s the kind of research I do. But Peter Pan was better than that. Let’s hope this is awesomer.
The Muppet Show Comic Book

I hope Ryan (former? cohost of Comics Playground and all around huge muppets fan) is reading this.

Walt Disney Comics and Stories

I was asking what was going to happen to this title since the super heroes got their own book, and this is the answer. Mickey epics. I’m totally down for that.

Johnny DC

Scooby Doo #153

This book is on 153 issues. Just stop and think about that. That’s 153 different ghosts, ghouls, goblins, monsters, or whatever they’ve unmasked. That’s cool. I’m about six issues behind on this title, but I’ll get to it and love every single one.

Super Friends #24

Mad Scientists convention! No super friends allowed. I’m cool with that.

Marvel Comics

Super Hero Squad #2

The first issue was like a slice of the show.  At least this book is decently affordably priced. Not so much for the next book on this list.

Tails of the Pet Avengers

Woah guys. $3.99? Let’s slow our roll a little bit. I really enjoyed the first series “Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers.”

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Wednesday Feb. 3rd Comic releases.

Before we get to the releases I would just like to issue a small thanks to Boom Kids, who make it the easiest for me to find out which of their books are releasing each week. It’s not the best system in the world, but it’s something. DC is second best because the difference between their Johnny DC titles and Regular titles is very easy to spot going through their weekly releases. The actual DC kids website, however, leaves a lot to be desired. The comics page is just a list of books in alphabetical order. No dates beside anything, just title and issue number.

Marvel is the worst. Maybe I just am that old and out of the loop, but that site is impossible to navigate. On the Marvel Kids you would hardly know they produce comic books. There’s a swank button for comics, but when the page loads it’s funny Hulk web comics. I like those, but there’s not any mention of the Marvel Adventure books, or an X-babies, or anything. Currently on the main page there’s a link to view a preview of the upcoming “Marvel Adventures Iron Man #1” but that’s it.

That’s enough of me complaining from this week. It’s not all bad. Just could be a little bit better, is all.

Boom Kids!

Big week for these guys as they debut two new series. I am heartened to see that Disney buying Marvel has not put any dents in their relationship with Boom so far. Disney had stated they would keep all current plans in place, but when corporate structures change you can never be too sure.

Disney’s Hero Squad: Ultraheroes #1

I wonder what these characters getting their own book means for the future of the Walt Disney Comics title and what stories will be told there.

Toy Story Ongoing #1

More Toy Story tales is fine with me.

Wizards of Mickey Mouse #1

I’m actually excited for this title. I adore Mickey’s Magic universe.

Valentine’s Classics Hardcover

Yeah! A hardcover colleciton of old romantic tales. I don’t believe I’ve ever read any of these. I’m not picking this up this month, but possibly this summer I’ll find it on sale.

Johnny DC!

Cartoon Network Action  Pack #46

This is really turning into a Ben 10 Showcase. This month’s issue has two Ben Ten stories in it, with a little Samurai Jack to break it up.

Looney Tunes #183

What! A retelling of the story of Samson and Delilah with Pepe Le Pew? I’m definitely down.

Finally DC is putting out the third collection of “Tiny Titans” named Sidekickin’ It. This will collect issues 13-18 and is a wonderful book for young children. I strongly suggest any of these books to parents with kids just learning how to read.

Marvel Comics

Nada. Play sad trombone right here. The closest thing I saw was a Marvel Heartbreaker books if you have anyone teens in the house that are particular fans of high school drama and romance stories.

That’s it for this week’s releases, stay tuned as I only work a half day on Friday at my real job, and am phoning it in on my second. That means I’ll not only have time to read all the books from this week, but I may even find time to write about them. Maybe? Let’s hope for the best here.

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Wednesday January 27th Releases

Boom Studios

Donald Duck and Friends #350

Not gonna lie, I’ve totally not been reading this one regularly. I’m sure it’s good as all the other Boom/Disney books are great.

Wall-E # 2

Can’t wait to find out what awesome trash Wall-E finds next. This story is set before the movie where Wall-E just chills picking up trash.

DC Comics

Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam! #12

The last couple of issues have been getting better. Byron Vaughns’ art is starting to fit the title more and more.

Marvel Comics

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man # 59

This is coming down the home stretch for the title’s current implementation and Paul Tobin is wrapping up everything in a nice package. Now comes with X-men.

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January 20th Releases

Here’s just a rude list of the books coming out this week.

Book Kids!


Muppet Peter Pan #4

Uncle Scrooge #387

Johnny DC


Batman Brave and the Bold #13

Tiny Titans #24

Marvel doesn’t have anything shipping this week as far as I can tell.

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A Tiny Milestone

Doing something for twenty five months straight is admirable. Beyond admirable. That’s over two years of meeting a goal, and that’s exactly what Art Baltazar and Franco have done with Tiny Titans.

For a time there seemed to be a sentiment around comics that no one wanted books aimed directly at kids. All Ages really meant teenagers. Anything else meant the market was too narrow. Then DC decided to go ahead with their revamp of the super hero titles under the “Johnny DC” Imprint. Gone were older teen focused titles of “Teen Titans Go!”, “The Batman Strikes,” and Justice League “unlimited.” In were such titles as “DC Super Friends,” “Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam,” and “Tiny Titans.

I’m having a hard time remembering the exact history, but I believe Tiny Titans was the first book out of the gate. In my eyes the book was a roaring success from the very beginning. It is a shining example of how narrowing your focus can work. This is not to say that broader focused titles are not bad, just to say that a narrow focus can work to your advantage. Tiny Titans, as a book, is not at all ashamed of what it is. What it is, is the best comic book for young children on the Market. Yes, it includes jokes that only us older readers can understand. There are references to characters that the people who write the DC Encyclopedia books can’t remember, but its never distracting. It makes the hardest ideas of the DC universe palatable. The book has explored time travel, continuity, and the idea of parallel universes as well as anything else DC has trotted out. It’s also tackled teamwork, friendship, chores, and cliques better than some children’s books aimed squarely at those topics.

My absolute favorite thing about the series so far has been the humor. It’s a funny funny book. All credit goes to Art and Franco for making me smile on every page. It’s close to a work of magic, what they do. It’s hard to get over how not dumbed down the series is. I’m repeating myself here, but it’s the thing to say. When you have fervent focus on a goal you can succeed beyond it. I don’t feel as if I’m reading a book that’s meant for parents to think it’s aimed at small children. I feel like I am reading a book genuinely designed to make kids laugh. Just so happens that I laugh right along with it.

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